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Eastern Medicine

What is Gong Jin Dan?

Gong Jin Dan (Korean: 공진단) is one of the Imperial family of Chosun (Korea)’s three best medicine.

It has special efficacy for Liver function recovery which is remarkable medicine for people who are experiencing Liver deficiency syndrome.

Gong Jin Dan is astonishing medicine for people who has hyper-nutrition, insufficient exercise, and stress as it tonifies Heart Liver Kidney deficiency and removes stagnations.

Gong Jin Dan is the finest medicine to reinforce vigor, virility, and mentality.


 Effective for:


  • Sexual Hypofunction and Infertility

  • Hepatic Hypofunction caused by Excessive Stress and Overdrinking

  • Chronic Fatigue and Physical Decline

  • Overwork and Exhaustion

  • Blood Circulatory Disorder and Physical Depression

  • Constitutional Infirmity

  • Aging (preventive) and Various Diseases

  • Hypersensitivity and Somnipathy

  • Postoperative Enervation

  • Paralysis (Preventive)

  • Hyposexuality, Impotence, and Premature Ejaculation

  • Sexual Hypofunction and Physical Enervation (Female)

Kyung Ok Go

What is Kyung Ok Go?

Kyung Ok Go (Korean: 경옥고), also spelled, Gyung-ok-ko or Kyung-ok-ko, is a traditional multi-herbal medicine used for health improvement. 

This herbal medicine is composed of Korean ginseng, Rehmannia root, Poria Cocos, and Honey based on the prescription on the Korean traditional medical book Dongeui Bogam, which is recognized as a restorative enforcing the vitality of whole organs, elimination fatigues, anti-exhaustion followed by weariness.

Because of the special properties that have no interferences against any foods, this product has been used by the ancient royal families and the nobles. Especially this product improves the growth of children and helps them recover from the weariness due to illness and stress.


 Effective for:


  • Nourishment and Tonic

  • Weak Physical Constitution

  • Body Exhaustion

  • Anti-fatigue

  • Weakness after Disease

  • Anti Menopausal Disorder

  • Students

  • Lose of Appetite


What is Cheong Sim Hwan?

Cheong Sim Hwan (Korean: 청심환, lit. "clear mind pill"), also called Uhwang-Cheong Sim Hwan (우황청심환) and Cheong Sim Won (청심원), is a pill formulated with thirty-odd herbs including bezoars, ginseng, and Chinese yam root, used to treat various symptoms such as numb limbs and fit of apoplexy, epilepsy, etc. in traditional Korean medicine.

It has been used for acute diseases such as cerebrovascular disease (stroke), heart disease.

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